Labradors Needing Homes

The following Labrador Retrievers are currently available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of the wonderful Labradors listed below, please complete the online application by clicking here:

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Most of the labs listed here have been abandoned for some reason. They are in need of a family who has the time to care for them, train them and live with them as a member of the family. They do not do well as totally outdoor dogs or just a friend, playmate for your child or pet. They are living animals who need a sense of being wanted, needed, and being an integral member of your family.

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Marla- DOB 2011
Color: Chocolate
Yesterday at 4:59 PM

Thanks to Tem and Lucille for fostering Marla!

10-11-14 Marla is on the smaller side for a Lab. She seems to be housebroken and plays a little fetch.

10/29/2014 Since Marla came to us 3 weeks ago and has gotten over her kennel cough and shyness, she has really blossomed. She is housebroken, uses a doggie door, crates well when we aren't home and sleeps in a doggie bed during the night. She gets along great with our 3 dogs and other neighbors' dogs. When it's feeding time, she will sit for her food and she is always first to finish. She doesn't try to get into the other food bowls. This little girl loves to swim and retrieve her knobby toy and she loves to go for walks. She is a very, very sweet girl. Not sure if she likes cats or kids.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

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DeeDee- DOB 2014
Color: Chocolate
Yesterday at 11:57 AM

Thanks to Melinda for fostering DeeDee!

10-11-14 DeeDee is a pocket-sized Lab with lots of energy. She's good with other dogs, good with cats, and knows sit. She is working very hard on being the perfect pet. She is full of energy, but calms down easily for a puppy. She is great in a crate, loves toys, plays well with dogs and is a sweet heart. She would love another dog that likes to play! She just needs a few lessons in manners and she'll be perfect.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

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Tucker- DOB 2011
Color: Yellow
October 28 at 10:15 AM

Thanks to Kari for fostering Tucker!

Tucker is a sweet guy with manners that just joined Heart of Texas Lab Rescue. He is heartworm negative and has just been neutered. He is house trained, rides great in the car and is fun to be around. He likes to play fetch and loves to get the water. He does currently have an ear infection, but we are getting that all cleaned up. He is a very easy going dog, gets along great with his foster sister and likes to be around people.

Tucker is adjusting to his foster home! He sleeps through the night at the foot of the bed on the floor. He does not get on the furniture and has found his favorite spot on the floor to lay in the living room. He is crate trained, goes in easily with a treat. Tucker spent the evening playing with 4 kids, ranging from 8 to 2. He played fetch and tag, it was a fun sight! He does well off leash, to play and he does not run off. He responds well to him name, and is easy to recall if he starts wandering off to sniff a few things. He walks nicely on a leash and he is learning to "sit".

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Zoe- DOB 2012
Color: Black
October 27 at 9:46 AM

Thanks to Peg and Rachid for fostering Zoe!

9-8-14 Zoe is heartworm positive, so it's going to be a few months before you can have this cutie join your family.

Zoe just joined us and we do not know her health status yet, but we do know she is quite the people pleaser!

Thanks to Kerin Smith, Michelle Chandler, Sharon Dillard and William Merrill for sponsoring Zoe! We could not save as many great Labs like Zoe without our incredible sponsors!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140911094950401 20140911094950401 20140911094950401
Malone- DOB 2012
Color: Yellow
October 24 at 3:45 PM

Thanks to Tommy and Janet for fostering Malone!

10-24-14 Malone is having a great time at his foster home. He loves to chase balls - especially in the pool. I still can't get over how well he does on a leash. He walks better than our labs! Although Malone is doing well - he just told us the other day that he sure would like to find his "forever home". Do you think your home could be Malone's "forever home"? If so, come meet him at the next Meet and Greet!

9-6-14 Malone has been with us for a couple of days now. He is great at loose leash walking. No pulling at all!

He does have a lot of energy so if you have an active lifestyle and are looking for a dog that can keep up with you Malone is your man!

9-5-14 Malone has finished his training and has now transitioned into a foster home. Don't you want this big, loveable goofball?!

7-21-14 Malone is currently going through 2 weeks of training to get his manners improved.

5-24-14 Malone is a big, energetic guy who knows the basics but can't hold them for very long because there's just too much jumping around to do!

Thanks to John Schlutz for sponsoring Malone! We could not save as many great Labs like Malone without our incredible sponsors.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20141022160338511 20141022160338511 20141022160338511
Homer- DOB 2005
Color: Yellow
October 23 at 1:34 PM

Thanks to Connie for fostering Homer!

9-6-14 Homer is a sweet, older guy who is heartworm positive. He will be ready to become your next best buddy in a few months.

9-8-14 Homer has been with me for only 2 days and OMG he is a DREAM!!! He is quiet, crates nicely, has the softest mouth when taking a treat, is fine with my 4 dogs (ranging from 30 lbs to 70 lbs) and so far hasn't shown any indication of being a digger or fence jumper. He's not too sure about my cat so I will have more info later as he spends more time here. He is one of those dogs that just wants to be close to you... makes a great footwarmer . Once he has put on some LBS (he is extremely skinny) and has gone through heartworm treatment, he will make someone an awesome companion! Oh and he is a VERY tall/big boy!! A very gentle soul!

10-22-14 Homer still needs to go through heartworm treatment but in the mean time we have discovered he has extensive osteoarthritis of his vertebral facets and he has some calcified bridging of his vertebrae. On the plus side, per our vet, Homer's discs seem to be O.K. and his hips look great. Osteoarthritis of the vertebral facets is called spondylitis. It is a true arthritis of the spine. Per our vet, most of these patients feel better with medical management so Homer will need to be on pain medications for the rest of his life, keep his weight down to reduce stress on his back and have limited exercise... just easy walks on even terrain. If you're looking for a big, sweet dog to just hang out with, he's the one!

Thanks to Loren Gomez for sponsoring Homer! We could not save as many great Labs like Homer without our incredible sponsors!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Red- DOB 2010
Color: Yellow
October 21 at 9:42 PM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Red!

10/21/14 Red is recovering from his neuter which was slightly complicated by an infection. He's a model patient, just laying around recovering. He's quiet (haven't heard him bark once in 3 days!!) and loves to snuggle. He's as sweet as he is handsome!!!

9-28-14 Red is a big hunk of a boy who is just gorgeous! He does fine with other dogs, rides well in cars, and is house-broken.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Jessie- DOB 2012
Color: Yellow
October 11 at 10:19 PM

10-11-14 Jessie is a sweet little girl who has had a hard start in life. She's heartworm positive, so it will be a few months before you can meet her. She came to us needing some dental work done, too, and when the x-rays were done we discovered she had a bb near her ear. It's not causing trouble, but how sad that someone felt the need to shoot at this sweetie.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application
Luka- DOB 2010
Color: Yellow
October 11 at 10:12 PM

If you would like more information please fill out an online application
JayCee- DOB 2011
Color: Yellow
October 9 at 7:26 PM

Thanks to Emily and Bryan for fostering JayCee!

9-28-14 JayCee (J.C. for Jenny Craig) is a lovely girl who is probably housetrained, rides nicely in vehicles, swims, and gets along with other dogs. She's a bit on the chunky side, but she's got the energy to solve that soon.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Fara- DOB 2012
Color: Yellow
October 9 at 7:20 PM

Thanks to Laura Lee for fostering Fara!

10-3-14 Fara loves a good game of tug.

10-2-14 Let's say you're looking for a lab. But maybe one not so big. And maybe one not so hyper. And maybe one whose tail won't destroy all your low- placed precious items. But still, of course, a lab. Have I got a dog for you: Fara is a delightful, lovable pocket lab who will steal your heart. Everyone she meets comments on how sweet she is and it's true. She also has energy and loves to play, without being overwhelming. The treatment for Fara's skin infection (which is not contagious) is coming along nicely. She has some congenital issues which may have been caused from her being squished in the womb. This certainly makes sense when you see her, and it seems to be primarily her hind section that is affected. First she was born with a nubby tail. Hard to see this as a disadvantage if, like me, you can no longer count the items broken by ecstatic dog tails. Also her flank area seems proportionately smaller than her front body. With this her hip bones protrude a bit, but they've been tested and are perfect. Finally, her back toes are wonky, a bit splayed. She may, in fact, be missing some bones there. Although I haven't tested her swimming, these minor physical issues seem to have no impact on her otherwise normal dogness. I am working on a few things with Fara: 1) stamina: she seems unused to much sustained physical activity, but we are doing walks and dog play and she is coming along splendidly. 2) self control: working on her "I-want-it-and-I-want-it-now" behavior; practicing "wait" and "sit" and learning to take treats nicely. She's a smart girl & a quick learner and, of course, she's treat motivated. I can't say enough wonderful things about Fara. Her physical quirks in no way deter her or detract from her true labby heart. You would be lucky to have this sweet girl in your life!

9-15-14 Far is actually a very happy girl in spite of her sad picture. Her little nubby tail wags at high speed, and the best part is she won't knock over your wine glass with that nub! She seems to be housetrained, is crate trained, and gets along with dogs and cats. She's got a nasty yeast infection on her skin right now, and we will spay her once that gets cleared up.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20141006090916289 20141006090916289 20141006090916289
Dino- DOB 2008
Color: Black
October 6 at 9:42 AM

Thanks to Carl and Ann for fostering Dino!

10-06-2014 Dino has been in his foster home for about 5 weeks now, and he has settled in wonderfully! He is the ideal companion, he is mature and well behaved with some independence. He loves to please and rewards you with affection and tail wags, but he doesn't stick to you like velcro! Dino has very good house manners and does not counter surf when visiting the kitchen. He is a quiet laid back guy, who enjoys playing with his toys and likes his dog pallet for sleeping and relaxing. He is good with other dogs and responds to basic commands.

8-24-14 Dino is all that is good about an adult Lab - mellow, housebroken, good with other dogs, well-behaved in the house, and learning about crates.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140903130547223 20140903130547223 20140903130547223
Monte- DOB 2009
Color: Yellow
October 5 at 11:30 PM

Thanks to David for fostering Monte!

10-5-14 Monte has been in a foster home for about 2 weeks. He is letting his guard down and relaxing. He is beginning to play and act like a happy dog. He is so sweet he even wags his tail while he's sleeping.

9-3-14 Monte is a big boy who came to the shelter with his probable sister Libby. He's very overweight, but the diet has started, and he is ready to go!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

2014092119060673 2014092119060673 2014092119060673
Beauregard- DOB 2012
Color: Yellow
Yesterday at 9:57 PM

Thanks to David for fostering Beauregard!

9/21/14 - Bobo's knee surgery (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) was successful. Prior to surgery he would grimace in pain while taking walks and then whine all night. It had come to the point of taking no more walks. It is about 3 months after the ACL repair surgery on both knees and now he is capable of doing 3 mile off-leash trail walks with no pain!!! There is an obvious difference with his facial expression while walking now. He is happier and his knees do not ache all night after a long walk.

Bobo would like to thank Dr. Sunil Vasanjee and the Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center. He would also like to thank all of YOU who generously donated money to fund his surgery and recovery.

6-18-14 Bobo has torn both of his rear ACL's, so is now getting ready for surgery and several months of quiet time to recuperate. He sure could use your help!

4-29-14 Beau (BoBo) is a great looking yellow boy who is 2-4 years old. He is a very enthusiastic dog who always seems to be smiling and wagging his tail. He does a lot of funny things. He loves to sleep on his back with his legs in the air and he makes some funny noises sometimes too. Bobo is just such a fun dog.

He is perfect around the house and knows how to use a dog door. He is very good when taking walks off the leash and has met many dogs.

2-10-14 Beauregard is brand new to us.

Thanks to Joshua Gamboa, Leslie Denson, Linda Bertke, Bryon Heath, Robin Swenson, Ginger Josephson, David Littlewood, Stuart Controls, Carma Board, Tara Potts, Rob Heiwinkel, Doug Mitchell, Matt Gubitz, Heidi Hornsby, Cathy Daniels, Andrea Zack, Michael Smith, Chere Conner, John Dwyer, Melinda Wright, Kerin Smith, Arianne Pichon, Shannon Stewart, Brandon Lopez, Randy Kubena, Belize Travel Adventure, Byron Chapman, Louis Hanner, Mary Margaret Bryarly, Sheryle Matthews, Nancy Arnold, David Columbus, Todd Crenshaw, Margaret MacCullumm, Kyle Ward, Barbara Carpenter, Fred Burton, Allison Boyd, Jennifer Stewart, Sarah Brown, Laura Ally, Theresa Rodriguez, Paul and LuAnn Peralta, Pamela Sanders, Nancy Abraham, Lucille & Tem Moody, Jonathan Baggett, William Merrill, Cole Woodard, Gail Newberry, Stacie Jordan, Greg Lewis, Wendi Jones, Sarah Wieszczak, Eric Falcon, Renee Salony, William Prentice, Veronica Garza, Jessica Baker, James Miller, Sharon Dillard, Jennifer Shipley, LaVeta Roos Clovis, Jennifer Vincent, Graham Sanderson, Lori Anderson, Jack Pereira, Lisa Spencer, Janet and Mark Kres, Molly Clark, Debbie McVea-Rinehart, David Littlewood, Shannon Stewart, Alan Beelitz, Beth Taylor, Amit Kumta, Susan Owens, Terisha Thomas, Gautam Madiman, Lydia Jones, Julie Jenkins, Julie Lohmann, Gregg Lewis, Monica and Frederick Dupy, EJ Farmsworth, Paul & LuAnn Peralta, Lucas Sheward, Jane Van DeMark, Deborah Long & Patricia Allen, Jill Kinney, Kate McLaughlin and Marcy Stellfox for sponsoring Beauregard! We could not save as many great Labs like Beauregard without our incredible sponsors.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140907201228238 20140907201228238
Toni- DOB 2009
Color: Yellow
September 24 at 2:27 PM

Thanks to Marcy and Mike for fostering Toni!

9-7-14 Toni is a sweet, older girl, who is healthy except for being about 25 pounds overweight. Her diet has started, and we are sure she's going to be a fabulous, happy thing when she drops some pounds. Right now she's just plain uncomfortable in her own skin, poor girl. She does fine with other dogs and cats, too!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Shelby- DOB 2014
Color: Yellow
September 24 at 2:24 PM


Thanks to Niki and Jason for fostering Shelby!

9-16-14 Shelby just joined us and is already getting the hang of things. She's good with other dogs, is learning about crates, and hasn't really noticed the cats yet.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140817140933763 20140817140933763 20140817140933763
Dazzle- DOB 2012
Color: Yellow
September 11 at 8:00 AM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Dazzle!

8-17-14 Dazzle has been diagnosed with megaesophagus, which means she must eat and drink in an upright position and remain that way for 30-45 minutes after she is done. She's gotten the hang of this with her specially built chair, which will come with her when gets adopted. We are still trying to figure out if she has any other diseases, and should know that later this week. She is house- and crate-trained, gets along with dogs and cats, and seems to want to fetch, although she is not strong enough to do much of that yet.

7-19-2014 Dazzle joined us this week! She recently became a tri-pod and we are working to get her healthy for her future family! She is gorgeous!

Thanks to Michelle Chandler, Sheryle Matthews, Sharon Van Poperin, Heidi Hornsby, Frederick and Monica Dupy, LuAnn and Paul Peralta and Carmella Russell for sponsoring Dazzle! We could not save as many great Labs like Dazzle without our incredible sponsors.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20131015213241835 20131015213241835 20131015213241835
Errol- DOB 2009
Color: Chocolate
September 10 at 2:47 PM

Thanks to David for fostering Errol!

9-10-14 Errol is coming back to us through no fault of his own. This big, goofy boy's adopters have had circumstances change and are not able to give him the attention he needs.

5-31-13 Errol just came to us.

10-15-13 Errol has been in a foster home for over two months now. Errol is mostly calm and quiet unless you show him a tennis ball. He likes to be around people always wanting to lay at your feet. At first, he did not like to be alone. He is much better about this. He enjoys riding in the car but prefers to be in the drivers seat.

He absolutely loves to retrieve a tennis ball and is very good about giving it back. He has pretty good manners around people and other dogs. He knows how to use a dog door. He is very loyal and protective but not aggressive. He has a booming loud bark and will use it if he feels there is a threat to anyone he trusts. He does excellent on leash free trail walks and loves the water. He does not counter surf or jump up on people. He is good around kids and takes a treat from your hand very gently. He has a funny personality that will make you crack up. He is very healthy and athletic. He is also very big. Errol is going to make somebody a great new family member. -db

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140903130706574 20140903130706574
Libby- DOB 2009
Color: Yellow
September 10 at 1:28 PM

Thanks to Cathy and Joe for fostering Libby!

9-10-14 Libby is house-trained, rides well in the car and was able to jump up into the back of our SUV. She is quiet and sleeps well on the floor with our other dogs throughout the night. She has wonderful house manners - no counter-surfing at all and will sit for a treat and takes a treat very easily. She is learning the doggey door and has shown no signs of digging or looking for escape routes. Libby is just a sweet companion that wants to be with her person.

9-3-14 Libby also just joined us and is also overweight, just like her probable brother, Monte. Other than that she is healthy and ready to roll.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140903130218363 20140903130218363
Holmes- DOB 2009
Color: Yellow
September 3 at 1:02 PM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Holmes!

9-2-14 Holmes is new to us, but we do know he is heartworm positive, so it will be a few months before you can meet him.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

2014060819375218 2014060819375218 2014060819375218
Salty- DOB 2006
Color: Yellow
August 30 at 9:36 AM

Thanks to Stefanie, John and Lindsey for fostering Salty!

Salty has decided he likes to be near me while I work during the day(I work at home). He typically opens the doors with his head and asks to be petted and then lays down next to me. He is a very sweet dog.

Salty has had his first round of HW treatment and he thinks he feels WONDERFUL. He wants to do something so badly. He has one more round at the end of July and will then get neutered. We will be working on getting him healthy and ready for his future family.

In the mean time, let me tell you a little bit about the big goober. First of all, he IS a big goober. He quite enjoys toys- squeaky ones, plush ones, plush squeaky ones, round ones, long ones, bone shaped ones- you name it- This boy likes his toys. He is so desperate to play at the moment since he is on house arrest while going thru HW treatment that he actually was carrying around a know the ones we work out with. very funny! it was just the right shape for his big ole mouth. He is a joyful guy, but has an old dog soul. He can knock you out with those eyes. He is completely housebroken and gets along great with other dogs-despite not even being neutered yet.

He ignores the cat and is nonplussed by the girls loud pitched screams and yells. He sits well and he walks SUPER on a leash. He is getting fitter as we walk him, tho those hasnot walked recently as he is going thru treatment. He likes a doggie bed, but the couch is better. He does not appear to have possessiveness issues, but lookout fingers when giving a treat.

Overall, Salty is a gentleman and would do great in a wide variety of homes- even ones where there is a huge hustle and bustle of children. They don't even phase him. Fireworks and the tornado did not phase him either. Check back, but he will be looking for a home in August/September. I would put your app in in July if you want to meet him.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Snowflake- DOB 2006
Color: Yellow
July 28 at 9:17 PM


Thanks to Margaret for fostering Snowflake!

Snowflake is heartworm negative and ready to meet you!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20100525125657864 20100525125657864 20100525125657864
Maris- DOB 2001
Color: Yellow
July 27 at 10:35 PM

Thanks to Stacie and John for fostering Maris!

Maris has been with HOTLR a long time and is in a permanent foster home. Yes, she's a senior, but check out our blog about why senior dogs are so cool: We know it's hard to think about adopting a dog that might only be with you a few years, but imagine what a wonderful life you could provide for that dog!!!!! It will be an experience you'll never regret. Our seniors also qualify for a reduced adoption fee.

Maris a a doll of an older girl. She has her manners down, is great on leash, loves kids, and loves belly rubs. Maris is very sweet around people, but she needs to stay in a home where she is the only pet.

Thanks to Paul & LuAnn Peralta, Ted Dracos, Anne Fennell & William George for sponsoring Maris! We could not save as many great Labs like Maris without our incredible sponsors.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application.

Hollis- DOB 2010Adoption Pending
Color: Black
October 27 at 9:45 AM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Hollis!

9-28-14 Hollis has that perfect combination of young dog playfulness and adult dog manners. He walks beautifully on leash, swims, and gets along with other dogs.

Thanks to Kerin Smith, BeBe Carpenter, Sharon Dillard, Kari Beggs and Laura Watson for sponsoring Hollis! We could not save as many great Labs like Hollis without our incredible sponsors!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Cricket- DOB 2012Adoption Pending
Color: Black
October 22 at 3:45 PM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Cricket!

9-28-14 Cricket is full of energy, and is doing very well in getting along with other dogs.

9-15-14 Cricket just joined us today so we will post more as we get to know her.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20141017164305838 20141017164305838 20141017164305838
Tula- DOB July 29, 2014Adoption Pending
Color: Black
October 22 at 3:45 PM

Please note that all puppies under 6 months of age have a $300 adoption fee.

Thanks to Kelly for fostering Tula!

10-11-14 Tula is your typical 3 month old Lab - lots of fun, lots of energy, and super sweet. She doesn't know she's a youngster, though, and does her best to keep up with her full-grown cousins!

Tula is a sassy little girl! She loves to play with the our big girls and is all puppy! We love the snuggle time with her when she falls asleep after playing hard. She does well in her crate during the day and at night! Potty training is getting better as long as you take her out often and as soon as she wakes up from a nap. We love tiny Tula!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Pearl- DOB 2012Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
October 19 at 8:10 AM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Pearl!

(-27-14 Pearl is trying out to be a service dog, so won't be available for regular adoption yet.

Pearl just joined us and we do not know her health status yet.

2014090720140031 2014090720140031
Jenny- DOB 2011Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
October 19 at 8:09 AM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Jenny!

9-24-14 Jenny is on a trial run to become a service dog, so we will keep you posted.

9-7-14 Jenny just joined us, but we already know she rides well in cars, LOVES people, is learning about crates, does well with other dogs, and has been good with the few cats she has met.

Hattie- DOB 2014Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
October 9 at 7:24 PM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Hattie!

9-28-14 Hattie is a tiny little thing who is incredibly sweet, but still has lots of puppy in her.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140430084033185 20140430084033185 20140430084033185
Whitney- DOB 2011Adoption Pending
Color: Chocolate
October 9 at 7:23 PM

Thanks to Alana for fostering Whitney!

10-02-2014 Whitney is doing great in her foster home! She is a very active lab who loves to play and has a solid game of fetch. She has excellent house manners and is well behaved. Whitney is great with other dogs, kids and people. She has an infectious smile and continues to bring a smile our faces when we walk through the door!

9-10-14 Whitney has come back to us through no fault of her own - her adopter's circumstances have changed So, this sweetie is back on the market!

4/29/14 - Whitney is doing great in her new foster home! She is a perfectly mannered house guest - She Doesn't jump on people or furniture, is completely housebroken, doesn't bark or chew on anything that isn't hers, and is a great sleeper at night. She loves to entertain - she hosted a BBQ with her Foster last weekend, and was a lovely co-host to both people as well as another small dog. She is SMART too - quickly learning new tricks and vocabulary. We've got some work to do on leash manners, but otherwise she is a perfect pup.

4-22-14 Whitney is new to us, but we already know she loves to play ball, loves water, rides well in the car, and is healthy!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20141003210057130 20141003210057130 20141003210057130
Ella- DOB 2008Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
October 9 at 7:47 AM

Thanks to Christina for fostering Ella!

10-3-2014 Ella has been with us for about a month now and is now settled in and comfortable. She has finally taken to one of the dog beds, and plays with all sorts of toys. She loves to kill her Perry the Platypus, and today played what seemed like her first ever game of tug with a rope toy. She still loves her tennis ball best, though. She is eating and drinking great now, and has a lot more energy, now that she is slimming down and feeling better. She is still calm in the house all day, but she is eager to play every chance she can, and loves to take long walks. She does need work on her leash manners, though. She is the perfect combination of calm but energy available. She is also extremely affectionate, though never demanding, and eager to please.

9-16-2014 Ella is a gem! We call her Ella Enchanted. She is completely housebroken and has wonderful manners. She sit quietly nearby while we watch tv, work on the computer, do homework with the kids, etc. She does not beg at the dinner table or rush to grab fallen food, and she takes treats (that we hide her medicine in) so gently. She will just sit around the house all day, if that is all the day has to offer, but prefers to do things. She loves walks, chasing tennis balls, and car rides. She also wants so badly to play with our neighbors crazy lab puppy. She has good stamina on walks and is pretty good on a leash, though she has not had any formal training here, and does tend to keep the leash taut. She does not pull, though. Ella really likes our children and is so good with them. She gets along with our yappy chihuahua and ignores our guinea pig. Her skin condition is improving and her hair is growing back. She gets more beautiful each day! She is still in the process of trimming down, but is not a cranky dieter. She is actually a bit of a picky eater! No carrots or green beans for her, thank you, and she prefers cold water:) She is a real sweetheart and a great companion.

9-5-14 Ella was an owner surrender at a local shelter through no fault of her own, and immediately became a favorite of the shelter staff! She seems to be housebroken, rides well in the car, is crate trained, ignores the cats, gets along with the dogs, and is just an all around sweet dog. She apparently had a skin issue in the past, so her previous owners shaved her, but her coat is growing back quite nicely.

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As dogs are adopted and room becomes available we take more in. At this time we are completely filled up and do not have enough foster homes to rescue all of the Labs in this area, and north and south of Austin. There are several at Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, and other Shelters around the area, we will consider as space becomes available. Please put the Labs in Shelters, on your list for consideration. If you find a Lab you would consider adopting in one of the shelters, we would be happy to meet you. Our Rescue group will be available to answer any questions you may have or to help you work through any problems you may experience with your adopted Lab, whether you adopt from us, or one of the shelters. Also consider the dogs below.

There are additional dogs listed at the below link which are also available for adoption. These dogs are privately owned dogs and are NOT affiliated with HOTLR. Do NOT contact HOTLR to get more info on these dogs, as this is a service we provide to people trying to place labs. Please contact the individual dog's contact information to arrange to meet the dog. HOTLR does not vouch for any of these dogs, as they have not been evaluated by any HOTLR Volunteers.

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