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The following Labrador Retrievers are currently available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of the wonderful Labradors listed below, please complete the online application by clicking here:

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Most of the labs listed here have been abandoned for some reason. They are in need of a family who has the time to care for them, train them and live with them as a member of the family. They do not do well as totally outdoor dogs or just a friend, playmate for your child or pet. They are living animals who need a sense of being wanted, needed, and being an integral member of your family.

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Clementine- DOB 2014
Color: Black
August 19 at 12:17 PM

Thanks to Marcy and Mike for fostering Clementine!

8-17-14 Clementine has been give the "all clear" to resume normal activity, so now we just need to get her spayed. She's great with other dogs, has some interest in cats, and is making up for lost time in her early puppyhood by doing some typical puppy things - grabbing shoes to chew on, etc.!

6-7-14 Clementine is doing very well after her surgeries, and has been a very good patient. She enjoys going out on walkabouts!

Clementine is brand new to us today (5-21-14). She has a broken right hip, a broken left leg, and broken right metatarsals, all apparently from getting hit by a car. It will take a while for her to recover fully, but she is having two surgeries to repair all of the breaks. She's a typical Lab, spite of being so broken, she still wags her tail and gives sweet puppy kisses. Please donate to help us cover her surgical costs of nearly $5,000.

Thank you to everyone who helped sponsor Clementine's surgery and recovery! Special thank you to: Kristi Allen, Kyle Bedtelyon, Maria Bodoh, Mary Margaret Bryarly, Lori Burkhandt, Fred Burton, Cecily Grimmitt, Bryon Chapman, Paul Coffman, Karen and David Columbus, Stuart Controls, Rick Cook, Robert Cooksey, Todd Crenshaw, Al Denson, Cary Denson, Leslie Denson, Sherre Denson, Sharon Dillard, John Dwyer, Elaine Smith, Julie Ellison, Ryan Eschenburg, Annette Estes, Eric Falcon, Karoline Felts, Kim Fischer, Alice Ann Freeman, Terry Fry, Veronica Garza, Michelle Graneto, Candace Griffin, Kelly Hanner, Louis Hanner, Cary Haynes, Rose and Rob Heiwinkel, Vera and Abel Hinojosa, Heidi Hornsby, Julie Jenkins, Stacie Jordan, Karen Haffelfinger, Leslie Keyser, Kelsey Kling, Randy Kubena, Gregg Lewis, Michaele Lindemann, John Loftis, Deborah Long, Darla Malone, Rajendra Mandalia, Michael Mann, Greg March, Allison Marr, Rebecca McClellan, Kate McLaughlin, William Merrill, Ellena Mills, Paula Miner, Gail Newberry, Kenan Ogelman, Susan Owens, LuAnn and Paul Peralta, Barbara Pereirs, Kiersten Peterson, Tara Potts, Robin Poulin, Christy Price, Suzanne Quinn, Katherine Rial, Graham Sanderson, Regina Sitzes, Kerin Smith, Marcy Stellfox, Jennifer Stewart, Shannon Stewart, Kara Stowe, Beth Taylor, Benjamin Tice, Carleen Trisch, Thomas Varshal, Jody Vilk, Jennifer Vincent, Elizabeth Walch, Susan Watson, Rachelle Webb, Alison Welz, Deborah West, Jeff Wilkes, Pamela Wood, Cole Woodard, Andrea Zach, Linda Johnson, Lydia Kendrick, Monica and Frederick Dupy, Jane Van De Mark and James & Cynthia Powell. We would like to thank each and every one of you! Without all of your support we would not be able to save as many labs!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140817140933763 20140817140933763 20140817140933763
Dazzle- DOB 2012
Color: Yellow
August 19 at 12:16 PM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Dazzle!

8-17-14 Dazzle has been diagnosed with megaesophagus, which means she must eat and drink in an upright position and remain that way for 30-45 minutes after she is done. She's gotten the hang of this with her specially built chair, which will come with her when gets adopted. We are still trying to figure out if she has any other diseases, and should know that later this week. She is house- and crate-trained, gets along with dogs and cats, and seems to want to fetch, although she is not strong enough to do much of that yet.

7-19-2014 Dazzle joined us this week! She recently became a tri-pod and we are working to get her healthy for her future family! She is gorgeous!

Thanks to Michelle Chandler, Sheryle Matthews, Sharon Van Poperin, Heidi Hornsby, Frederick and Monica Dupy, LuAnn and Paul Peralta and Carmella Russell for sponsoring Dazzle! We could not save as many great Labs like Dazzle without our incredible sponsors.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140819092534176 20140819092534176 20140819092534176
Annabelle- DOB 2012
Color: Black
August 19 at 9:25 AM

Thanks to Sharon for fostering Annabelle!

6-7-14 Annabelle is brand new to us today, but we know she likes kids and cats, and she knows the basic commands already. Yes, she is a tripod, but she's also a typical Lab and doesn't let that missing leg get her down!

07.30.14 Annabelle is doing great at her new foster home. She is such a love bug. Loves to greet everyone that comes over. She learned how to use the dog door the first day. Goes out on her own to use the bathroom and comes right back in. Loves the grandkids, walks, retrieves the ball and brings it back. Sleeps great in her crate all night. She is going to make a family an awesome Forever Dog.

20140818115543482 20140818115543482
Orchid- DOB 2012
Color: Yellow
August 18 at 11:58 AM

Thanks to Kelly and Kathrin for fostering Orchid!

Orchid is such an easy girl who loves to be wherever you are! She loves our big dog bed and LOVES to have a blanket to snuggle with. She sits on command, is food motivated and overall a pretty easy going pup! She is so house trained she has already started using our dogs bell at the door to tell us she wants to go out!

7-27-14 Orchid has decided cats might be more fun to chase than to live with, so a home with no cats would be best for her.

7-1-14 Orchid just joined us and we know she is heartworm negative. We'll post more as we get to know her.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140701222359794 20140701222359794
Solo- DOB 2012
Color: Black
August 18 at 11:51 AM

Thanks to Kelly & Kathrin for fostering Solo.

7-1-14 Solo is a gorgeous black boy who just joined us. He is heartworm negative!

8-18-14 Solo boy is such a great dog it's unreal! He is loving, eager to please, well mannered, super handsome plus great with other dogs and kids! When he finds his furever home we sure will miss him!

8-11-14 Solo's new nicknames are wiggle butt and sweet boy. What a gentle & happy boy! Solo did great on his first night at our house. He doesn't bark in his crate, loves to hang outside, stays off furniture, sits/lays down on command and loves to stay close when you walk around.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

2014062016350485 2014062016350485 2014062016350485
Beauregard- DOB 2012
Color: Yellow
August 15 at 2:11 PM

Thanks to David for fostering Beauregard!

6-18-14 Bobo has torn both of his rear ACL's, so is now getting ready for surgery and several months of quiet time to recuperate. He sure could use your help!

4-29-14 Beau (BoBo) is a great looking yellow boy who is 2-4 years old. He is a very enthusiastic dog who always seems to be smiling and wagging his tail. He does a lot of funny things. He loves to sleep on his back with his legs in the air and he makes some funny noises sometimes too. Bobo is just such a fun dog.

He is perfect around the house and knows how to use a dog door. He is very good when taking walks off the leash and has met many dogs. His knees have some mild arthritis for some reason but that does not slow him down.

2-10-14 Beauregard is brand new to us.

Thanks to Joshua Gamboa, Leslie Denson, Linda Bertke, Bryon Heath, Robin Swenson, Ginger Josephson, David Littlewood, Stuart Controls, Carma Board, Tara Potts, Rob Heiwinkel, Doug Mitchell, Matt Gubitz, Heidi Hornsby, Cathy Daniels, Andrea Zack, Michael Smith, Chere Conner, John Dwyer, Melinda Wright, Kerin Smith, Arianne Pichon, Shannon Stewart, Brandon Lopez, Randy Kubena, Belize Travel Adventure, Byron Chapman, Louis Hanner, Mary Margaret Bryarly, Sheryle Matthews, Nancy Arnold, David Columbus, Todd Crenshaw, Margaret MacCullumm, Kyle Ward, Barbara Carpenter, Fred Burton, Allison Boyd, Jennifer Stewart, Sarah Brown, Laura Ally, Theresa Rodriguez, Paul and LuAnn Peralta, Pamela Sanders, Nancy Abraham, Lucille & Tem Moody, Jonathan Baggett, William Merrill, Cole Woodard, Gail Newberry, Stacie Jordan, Greg Lewis, Wendi Jones, Sarah Wieszczak, Eric Falcon, Renee Salony, William Prentice, Veronica Garza, Jessica Baker, James Miller, Sharon Dillard, Jennifer Shipley, LaVeta Roos Clovis, Jennifer Vincent, Graham Sanderson, Lori Anderson, Jack Pereira, Lisa Spencer, Janet and Mark Kres, Molly Clark, Debbie McVea-Rinehart, David Littlewood, Shannon Stewart, Alan Beelitz, Beth Taylor, Amit Kumta, Susan Owens, Terisha Thomas, Gautam Madiman, Lydia Jones, Julie Jenkins, Julie Lohmann, Gregg Lewis, Monica and Frederick Dupy, EJ Farmsworth, Paul & LuAnn Peralta, Lucas Sheward, Jane Van DeMark, Deborah Long & Patricia Allen, Jill Kinney, Kate McLaughlin and Marcy Stellfox for sponsoring Beauregard! We could not save as many great Labs like Beauregard without our incredible sponsors.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

2014060819375218 2014060819375218 2014060819375218
Salty- DOB 2006
Color: Yellow
August 13 at 5:23 PM

Thanks to Stefanie, John and Lindsey for fostering Salty! Salty has decided he likes to be near me while I work during the day(I work at home). He typically opens the doors with his head and asks to be petted and then lays down next to me. He is a very sweet dog.

Salty has had his first round of HW treatment and he thinks he feels WONDERFUL. He wants to do something so badly. He has one more round at the end of July and will then get neutered. We will be working on getting him healthy and ready for his future family.

In the mean time, let me tell you a little bit about the big goober. First of all, he IS a big goober. He quite enjoys toys- squeaky ones, plush ones, plush squeaky ones, round ones, long ones, bone shaped ones- you name it- This boy likes his toys. He is so desperate to play at the moment since he is on house arrest while going thru HW treatment that he actually was carrying around a know the ones we work out with. very funny! it was just the right shape for his big ole mouth. He is a joyful guy, but has an old dog soul. He can knock you out with those eyes. He is completely housebroken and gets along great with other dogs-despite not even being neutered yet.

He ignores the cat and is nonplussed by the girls loud pitched screams and yells. He sits well and he walks SUPER on a leash. He is getting fitter as we walk him, tho those hasnot walked recently as he is going thru treatment. He likes a doggie bed, but the couch is better. He does not appear to have possessiveness issues, but lookout fingers when giving a treat.

Overall, Salty is a gentleman and would do great in a wide variety of homes- even ones where there is a huge hustle and bustle of children. They don't even phase him. Fireworks and the tornado did not phase him either. Check back, but he will be looking for a home in August/September. I would put your app in in July if you want to meet him.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Malone- DOB 2012
Color: Yellow
August 12 at 3:40 PM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Malone!

7-21-14 Malone is currently going through 2 weeks of training to get his manners improved.

5-24-14 Malone is a big, energetic guy who knows the basics but can't hold them for very long because there's just too much jumping around to do!

Thanks to John Schlutz for sponsoring Malone! We could not save as many great Labs like Malone without our incredible sponsors.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

2014080919474752 2014080919474752
Kady- DOB 2013
Color: Yellow
August 12 at 8:11 AM

Kady just joined our program. She is a sweet girl but VERY much a puppy still... LOTS of energy! We will post more about her soon!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application
20140809193944120 20140809193944120 20140809193944120
Tyler- DOB 2013
Color: Black
August 9 at 9:20 PM

Tyler just came in to our program. He has a very sweet personality and is very food motivated. Will post more about him soon!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application
20140728084341687 20140728084341687
JC- DOB 2012
Color: Chocolate
August 4 at 9:58 PM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering JC!

7-28-2014 JC is brand new to us! He is about 2 years old, and he is healthy! Jc is so sweet, he loves to go for walks and go swimming. He is an angel on the leash and most of the time he will walk right next to you and go leash free. Very smart gentle boy.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140729185208187 20140729185208187 20140729185208187
Sophie- DOB 2009
Color: Yellow
July 29 at 6:55 PM

Thanks to Janet and Tommy for fostering Sophie!

7-29-14 Sofie is settling in to her new foster home really well. She sits and retrieves & drops the ball on command. She gets along with well our other lab. We are working with her on a leash skills. She is a sweet girl. Sophie and her litter mate Jake came to us because their family moved to the country. Sophie loves kids, car rides, swimming and is house-trained, crate trained and loves walks. She is not good with cats or birds. Happy girl, healthy and ready for her forever home!

7-13-2014 Sophie just joined us this weekend! So far we know she is litter mates with Jake. We will update her health status as soon as we know!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Snowflake- DOB 2006
Color: Yellow
July 28 at 9:17 PM


Thanks to Margaret for fostering Snowflake!

Snowflake is heartworm negative and ready to meet you!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20110113164036352 20110113164036352 20110113164036352
Maris- DOB 2001
Color: Yellow
July 27 at 10:35 PM

Thanks to Stacie and John for fostering Maris!

Maris has been with HOTLR a long time and is in a permanent foster home. Yes, she's a senior, but check out our blog about why senior dogs are so cool: We know it's hard to think about adopting a dog that might only be with you a few years, but imagine what a wonderful life you could provide for that dog!!!!! It will be an experience you'll never regret. Our seniors also qualify for a reduced adoption fee.

Maris a a doll of an older girl. She has her manners down, is great on leash, loves kids, and loves belly rubs. Maris is very sweet around people, but she needs to stay in a home where she is the only pet.

Thanks to Paul & LuAnn Peralta, Ted Dracos, Anne Fennell & William George for sponsoring Maris! We could not save as many great Labs like Maris without our incredible sponsors.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application.

20140716103542682 20140716103542682 20140716103542682
Joplin- DOB 2010
Color: Chocolate
July 25 at 1:10 PM

Thanks to David for fostering Joplin!

7-25-14 Joplin looks like a little bear. He is a well behaved around the house and friendly with all dogs he has met. He loves to take walks and can do trail walks off leash. He knows "sit" and how to use a dog door. He likes to play ball and is working on giving the ball back. This chocolate boy is ready for a permanent family.

3-2-14 Joplin joined HOTLR.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Romeo- DOB 2014
Color: Black
June 7 at 10:00 PM

Thanks to Niki and Jason for fostering Romeo!

5/22/2014 Romeo is new to us! He is playful, and will run after a ball. He will bring it back sometimes, if he doesn't get distracted by his brothers and sister. We will know more about his health soon!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

Petty- DOB February 9, 2013
Color: Yellow
August 17 at 1:34 PM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Petty!

Petty is a young boy with lots of Lab energy. He loves water, and fetching, and needs some work with his focus:) He's on the smaller side for a male, and is quite a character.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140317215456671 20140317215456671 20140317215456671
Hero- DOB 2007Adoption Pending
Color: Black
August 19 at 12:18 PM

Thanks to David for fostering Hero.

7-16-14 Hero was adopted a few months ago but due to an issue with a lease agreement regarding large dogs he was not allowed in the adopters new rental property. He was surrendered to HOTLR a couple weeks ago and is now back in a foster home. He is quiet and gentle. His primary motivation is to take walks. He will even nudge at his leash hanging on the wall to get my attention and let me know he wants a walk. He is very good on and off the leash. He can do about 3 miles in this heat and then he is satisfied. He is house trained and knows how to use a dog door.

3-17-14 After a couple weeks in his new foster home Hero took his first leash free trail walk out in the woods today. He really loved it. He challenged his boundaries a little but responded to commands to come back. He did very good when meeting new dogs on the trail. He also loves riding in or just being in a car. He is not showing a strong retrieving drive but does fetch and then chew on some toys. He seems a little distant as if not used to being around people or other dogs but gradually progressing to become more involved with the pack.

Feb 2014: Hero is a drop dead gorgeous middle aged black boy. He has lived in a house and is house trained and walks nicely on a leash. He is a big boy but he is well behaved and has enough pep left to bring you years of joy. He's 100% Lab - we even have a DNA test to prove it!! This guy is the real deal!!

Thanks to Cheryl Niehaus, Henry Hahn, Kevin and Teresa Vukson and Debbie Davis for sponsoring Hero! We could not save as many great Labs like Hero without our incredible sponsors.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140604214003897 20140604214003897 20140604214003897
Barton- DOB 2009Adoption Pending
Color: Chocolate
August 12 at 8:16 AM

Thanks to David for fostering Barton!

6-20-14 Barton took his first off leash trail walk today and he did great. He has good pack instincts and obeys commands.

6-4-14 Barton has been in a foster home for a little over a month now. He is getting much healthier. His coat is improving and starting to shine. I am just trying to get him to put on weight. Of course, he loves water and fetching balls. He is house trained and knows how to use a dog door. It seems he is not used to frequent human attention. He likes to lay down as close as he can to me while hanging around the hosue.

2-2-14 Barton is another big boy. He needs some good food and TLC to bring out his true Lab beauty, but he's going to be stunning once we get him healthy.

2-28-14 Barton is a sweet gentleman who is learning that attention and love are two things he has missing out on! He is ready for TLC and a place in someones heart!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140524212855933 20140524212855933 20140524212855933
Liesel- DOB 2011Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
August 12 at 8:15 AM

Thanks to Christina for fostering Liesel!

6-30-14 Liesel has evolved into a perfect companion. She has really come out of her shell and is completely comfortable with our family routine now. She spends all day indoors, except to go out to potty, play or go for walks. She loves to follow the grown-ups around, but does not mind being put outside or in her crate if need be. She still sleeps in her crate at night, but lounges around freely during the day. She is getting much better on the leash, as well. I think she will make a perfect running companion once she is finised being trained. She is fast and has great stamina. Leisel is good with other dogs and with cats. She even leaves our guinea pig alone, though she is completely fixated on him when we hold him on the couch. She has learned sit, and seems to learn commands very quickly. She is an amazing dog who will bring much joy to her forever family when she finds them!

6-24-14 She is healthy and ready to go! She swims but hasn't added fetch to that skill yet. She is such a sweet dog. She is great with children. Not only is she sweet with all my children, she is excited about every child she meets on a walk and greets them with sniffs and eventually kisses. She loves to be petted and is quite content to just sit by you and be pet while you do whatever it is you are doing. She gets along fine with our chihuahua. She has not engaged in any distructive behavior indoor or out at our house, except for digging one large hole in a flower bed. She is completly crate trained now. She sleeps quietly all night in her crate and even choses to rest in there sometimes during the day. On the still working on side, she still pulls on a leash. She will get up on furniture and take food off of tables and counters if she is not supervised but she has gotten so much better about these things so quickly. She is still very shy and easily scared, but she recovers from scares quickly. She also has no idea of how big she is, and regularly tramples our chihuahua and sometimes us, but that is typical lab:) Basically, I think she is an easy and extremely affectionate dog that anyone would be lucky to have share their home.

5/24/2014 Liesel just joined HOTLR! She is a beautiful yellow girl. We will know more about her health status soon!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140629141739804 20140629141739804
Gage- DOB 2012Adoption Pending
Color: Yellow
August 12 at 8:13 AM

Thanks to Margaret for fostering Gage!

6-29-14 Gage was a shelter favorite, but his time was running out, so even though he probably has some Great Pyrenees in hm, he is a fabulous dog that we just couldn't let die. He's calm, sweet, and patient. We do not know his health status yet, but should know in a few days.

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

20140806144336416 20140806144336416 20140806144336416
Jack- DOB 2013Adoption Pending
Color: Chocolate
August 12 at 8:12 AM

Thanks to Patti and Jeff for fostering Jack!

6-18-14 Jack is on the smaller side for a male Lab, and it is pretty clear he's been a city dog - he sticks his nose in cactus! He loves chasing grasshoppers, and even swims. 7/15/2014. We just started fostering Jack yesterday and what a fun guy! He is getting along great with my dog and boy does this dog LOVE to swim, he is all lab! He has already learned sit and shake, he is going to be very easy to train! Also, He slept in the crate all night without crying or whining at all. He will fit in great with an active family that can keep this guy busy!

If you would like more information please fill out an online application

As dogs are adopted and room becomes available we take more in. At this time we are completely filled up and do not have enough foster homes to rescue all of the Labs in this area, and north and south of Austin. There are several at Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, and other Shelters around the area, we will consider as space becomes available. Please put the Labs in Shelters, on your list for consideration. If you find a Lab you would consider adopting in one of the shelters, we would be happy to meet you. Our Rescue group will be available to answer any questions you may have or to help you work through any problems you may experience with your adopted Lab, whether you adopt from us, or one of the shelters. Also consider the dogs below.

There are additional dogs listed at the below link which are also available for adoption. These dogs are privately owned dogs and are NOT affiliated with HOTLR. Do NOT contact HOTLR to get more info on these dogs, as this is a service we provide to people trying to place labs. Please contact the individual dog's contact information to arrange to meet the dog. HOTLR does not vouch for any of these dogs, as they have not been evaluated by any HOTLR Volunteers.

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